7 Exercise mistakes you might be making

We all exercise for different reasons. But whether you’re on a mission to get fit, build muscle or improve your overall health, there are some things you need to take into account.

Of course, regular exercise can benefit your body (and mind) in a number of ways, including fighting depression and reducing your risk of strokes and heart disease.

Believe me, the list is endless.

But, could you be making one of these common mistakes and sabotaging your success?

Let’s see…

1. Ignoring mental health benefits

While many men claim that improving their mental health is their main reason for exercising, it is easy to forget about the mental benefits of exercising in the gym (or at home).

Not only does regular exercise support healthy brain function, but it also improves mood by releasing endorphins. So if you feel stressed, the sudden induction of “happy” hormones is a way to get rid of a bad day at work.

2. Forgetting about flexibility

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We often all believe that women are more flexible than we are … But is that true? We are not so sure. In fact, more men than ever before do yoga or pilates, which helps with flexibility.

However… We have to admit that studies have shown women to be more flexible than us. But that doesn’t mean we should ignore improving our own flexibility, am I right?

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Greater flexibility can help prevent injuries, improve posture (especially if you sit down all day) and improve balance. In addition, flexibility-based activities such as yoga and Pilates can also benefit your mental health, core and balance.

3. Going a little too hard in the gym

Although we have great confidence in going to the gym, it is also important to get plenty of rest. If you continue to exercise for a while without interruption, your body will not be able to rest and recover – which can lead to injury.

If you continue to strengthen your muscles in the gym (or at home), you are more likely to suffer from muscle fatigue as a result. Listen to your body, rest too!

4. Eating badly

It’s great to exercise regularly. But if you spend the rest of your time on baked, processed and sweet foods, you’re wasting training time. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, eating the wrong foods will not support your goals.

In addition, with all the extra calories (and sugar) you can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. No, thanks!

Try starting with a few simple switches instead. Take white bread out of your diet and opt for brown bread instead. Or switch out whole milk and consider a 1% fat or low fat alternative (or even a plant-based milk).

5. Not sticking to a plan

How can you strategically achieve your health goals without a plan? When you do all kinds of exercises and train all different types of muscles, you are not set for success.

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While exercise does not have to mean a strict regimen, it is important to workout in the gym with a variety of exercises. For example, don’t train your legs for two days in a row – give your muscles time to heal.

6. Ignoring sexual health benefits

It is now clear that regular exercise can benefit your physical and mental health. But did you know that it can also benefit your sexual health?

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In addition to increasing your fitness (and strength) if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, some pelvic floor exercises – such as Kegels – can help fight ED and prevent you from arriving early.

7. Not using Viasil

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Our 100% natural formula enhances your stamina and improves blood flow, while slowing down fatigue during physical activity.

Our conclusion

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No doubt about it, exercise can benefit your physical, mental and sexual health. But it is important to go to the gym with a plan so that you can maximize your workouts for ultimate success.

Remember that avoiding these seven mistakes can help you achieve your goals even sooner. Remember to listen to your body when it is time to rest, eat well and also drink plenty of water.

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