Are your eating habits killing your sex life?

A lot of things can cause your dick to flop and kill your sex life. It could be stress, anxiety, smoking or even health and medication-related.

But what else? Your diet. It’s not just what you eat either, as the quantity matters too.

So before you start piling your plate up to the ceiling, check out our list to see if you’re committing the following 6 sins that can put a total downer on your sex life.

You’ve gone vegan

It may not be Veganuary, but going vegan is still incredibly popular. All the added fruits and vegetables are great, but it’s time to mention the D – and this time we’re talking vitamin.

A lack of animal products means you’re more likely to develop a deficiency in this important vitamin – which is definitely bad news down below.

Allow us to explain. Vitamin D itself acts a body-booster, helping your body to produce nitric oxide – this, in turn, helps your blood vessels, therefore your hard-on.

Studies have shown that men with a lower vitamin D intake increase their risk of erectile dysfunction. While you won’t get ED overnight, an ongoing lack of vitamins can cause chaos with your erections and ruin your sex life.

Your food portions are huge

Piling your plate high can really slow down your performance in the bedroom. Feeling bloated and sluggish doesn’t make any of us feel good and can have huge effects on both your erections and your sex life.

Overeating, especially when scoffing the wrong foods can cause us to crash and want to sleep, ruining your bedroom antics. If you’re feeling frisky, try to eat smaller meals and snacks throughout the day, rather than waiting for a sky-high plate at dinner.

The vicious circle of refined carbs (pasta, sweet desserts or white bread) and your body fighting back with insulin can make you feel more sluggish than sexy.

After all, nobody feels ready for a romp after a huge plate full of food, do they?

You’re a lover of junk food

As well as causing havoc with your overall health and weight, eating too much junk food can affect your junk too. While we associate junk food with affecting our heart, cholesterol or blood pressure, it doesn’t quite end there.

When your heart is feeling the strain, your arteries can be in trouble too, stalling blood to your cock and increasing your chances of ED.

One study shows the relationship between diet and sexual health, with men following the Mediterranean diet showing fewer signs of erectile dysfunction. So it could be time to freshen up your eating habits.

Eating too much junk food can result in weight problems, leading to lower levels of testosterone – killing your sex life and your erections.

But what’s the answer? Switch snacking for fruit and fill your diet with healthy alternatives. Plenty of fruit, vegetables and exercise can help increase your sex drive, improve orgasms and give your sex life the boost it deserves.

You’ve turned to decaf coffee

A cup of coffee in the morning does more than kickstart your day, it can help your sex life too. Studies have shown that 2 to 3 cups a day can decrease your chances of ED. So what happens when you switch to decaf?

Well, all those benefits go away. A preliminary study has shown that those who enjoy a caffeinated cup of Joe can experience a 30% increase in blood flow – which is great news for below the belt.

When you drink a normal caffeinated coffee, the function of your blood vessels is improved, allowing your dick to stand to attention in no time. If you’re feeling tired lately, it might be time to revert back to caffeine and perk your cock up too.

You’re drinking too much alcohol

Yep, whiskey dick really is a thing. While the occasional Jack and Coke might give you the confidence you need pre-bedroom, a little too much could lead to a total flop in the sack.

One study showed that 58.4% of participants that were dependent on alcohol had sexual dysfunction.

So before you down that round of shots, it’s worth considering your hard-on later on. The more you consume, the harder it’ll be… To get it up that is.

You’re a lover of all things sweet, a little too often

Although you might not think it, sugar can be a huge sex life killer. If it affects your overall health, it’s going to affect your dick too. One study showed that an increase in sugar saw a 25% decrease in average testosterone levels – putting a total dampener on your bedroom antics. Lower testosterone levels

Similar to how junk food can make you feel sleepy afterwards, sugar can cause you to crash – sending your sex drive out the window. This is because sugar can flip a switch in your brain in relation to neurons, causing you to feel like you want to nap rather than fuck.

Instead of reaching for sweet desserts, consider fruits such as blueberries and oranges that can help your dick perform for longer.

Reviving your sex life with a healthy diet

Are you guilty of committing these sex life sins?

Instead of giant portions, consider breaking down your meals throughout the day. And when it comes to what you’re serving up, avoid overloading on sugar and junk food.

Adding fruits and vegetables into your diet instead can help improve blood vessel function, power up your erections and kick your sex life back into gear in no time.


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