How to Get & Maintain an Erection Longer

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If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, you want to know how to get and maintain an erection for longer. Erectile dysfunction – also knows as ‘impotence’ – is the difficulty or impossibility of getting or keeping an erection. It’s a sexual health condition that plagues 20 to 30 million men in the United States, and it is most prevalent in older men.

While erectile dysfunction can occasionally happen to all men, especially during moments of stress or anxiety to perform, frequent or prolonged ED calls for medical attention as it can be indicative of serious underlying health problems.

Fortunately, with the right medications and treatments, ED can be reversed in most cases. Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis have been used for years to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and new studies and research have suggested that just a combination of healthy lifestyle adjustments and all-natural supplements can improve erectile function significantly.

If you’re looking for tips on how to get and maintain an erection, you’re in the right place. Over the course of this blog, we’ll go over all the synthetic drugs, natural supplements and lifestyle changes that help you improve erectile function.

We’ll also address questions like how to maintain an erection (naturally and without pills). Want to know how to keep an erection? Then read on!

What Will You Learn?

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Why You Can’t Get or Maintain an Erection

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction can vary from case to case. While some men with ED find it difficult to achieve an erection, others are unable to do it at all.

Being able to achieve an erection but being unable to maintain it long enough to satisfy sexual intercourse is also a form of erectile dysfunction.

The development of an erection is a complex biological process that involves nerves, blood vessels, muscles, emotions, hormones, and the brain. A problem with any of these can lead to erectile dysfunction.

A common misconception surrounding erectile dysfunction is that it’s an inevitable outcome of aging. It most certainly
is not.

In fact, most men with ED are still able to achieve orgasms and father a child. However, they often find it difficult to do these things because they’re unable to develop or maintain an erection.

Erectile dysfunction can stem from physical health problems, psychological disorders and unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and drug abuse.

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Health Problems That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

There are loads of things that can cause erectile dysfunction. Most people tend to think it just has to do with getting older, but there are many other causes for erectile dysfunction. Some of them are:

  • Hypertension
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Diabetes (type 2)

Aside from that, ED can also be rooted in psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or stress.

Side Effects of Medicines You Take

While phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can improve erectile dysfunction by enhancing blood flow, they are associated with adverse side-effects that range from mild to severe. They include:

  • Flushed skin
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Reduced/blurred vision
  • Numbness in certain parts of your body
  • Difficulty to urinate

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle factors such as physical inactivity, weight problems, smoking tobacco, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol and using hard drugs are also known to cause erectile dysfunction in men.

According to a clinical study conducted in 2005, men who adhere to an unhealthy lifestyle are 71% more likely to develop sexual dysfunction compared to those who make healthy life choices.

We’ll further discuss the relationship between ED and unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as smoking and drinking, later in this blog post.

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Aging Process

While age is by no means an inevitable cause of erectile dysfunction, the likelihood of developing the condition does increase as you grow old.

As we grow older, testosterone production in our body decreases naturally. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the body that promotes fertility and the ability to get and maintain erections.

Furthermore, according to a clinical study conducted at the Department of Health and Life Sciences, vascular system problems are the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.

As we age, the smooth muscle cells in the penis’s vascular system begin to deteriorate which affects the blood flow to the penis during arousal. This gradually leads to erectile dysfunction.

Porn Addiction

There have been numerous medical studies that have supported the link between pornography addiction and decreased sex drive and performance.

According to the results from a survey conducted by the American Urological Association, men who’re addicted to pornography are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction and less likely to fully enjoy sexual intercourse with a consenting adult partner.

A review of a medical study conducted in 2016 provided evidence supporting the correlation between pornography addiction and sexual dysfunctions such as ED, diminished libido, decreased sexual satisfaction and delayed ejaculation.

The review also presented a series of clinical reports which suggested that watching porn can potentially alter the brain’s motivational system, which can subsequently condition sexual arousal in a negative manner.

Moreover, a medical study conducted in Italy also revealed that teenage males who watched excessive porn were more likely to develop sexual anorexia, a condition characterized by a pathological lack of appetite for sexual interactions of a romantic nature.

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How to Maintain an Erection without Pills

As we’ve mentioned above, there are numerous side-effects associated with synthetic erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra.

Moreover, these drugs are also not aphrodisiacs. In other words, while they create the optimal biological conditions needed to get an erection, they will not increase your libido.

Consequently, an increasing number of men are now looking at all-natural ways to improve sexual drive and performance. Here are some healthy lifestyle choices that can help in restoring normal erectile function.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet

If you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction or a decreased sex drive, switching to a healthy diet is the first thing you should do.

While certain foods can help with erectile dysfunction, the scientific evidence available to support the effectiveness of these foods is anecdotal at best. However, there are countless individuals who swear by their effects. Foods that have been found to increase sexual drive include:

    • Coffee:

According to an American study, the caffeine contained in coffee can act as a relaxant to certain muscles and arteries in the penis, enhancing blood flow and helping to develop and maintain an erection.

    • Dark Chocolate:

Dark chocolate increases the levels of a pleasure hormone called dopamine in the body.

    • Red Wine:

Red wine is a well-known muscle relaxant and increases blood flow to the genitals.

    • Cayenne Pepper:

Releases endorphins and increases the heart rate.

    • Oysters:

A good source of zinc which helps improve sperm mobility.

Keeping a Healthy Body Weight

While there isn’t a lot of scientific data that supports a direct link between ED and obesity, some clinical studies have revealed that losing weight can significantly improve sexual performance.

For instance, an Italian study on obese explored the impact of weight loss on erectile dysfunction. The subjects of the study were divided into two groups. The first group was given expert help on exercise and weight loss while the other group only received written help.

After a period of 2 years, the group that was coached averaged a weight loss of 33 pounds, while the other group averaged 5 pounds. 31% of the first group reported significantly improved erectile function. Meanwhile, only 5% of the control group experienced improved ED symptoms.

Avoiding High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

Health issues like high blood pressure and cholesterol can affect the flow of blood to the penis. Moreover, the vessels in your manhood are a lot smaller and more narrow than the ones in the rest of your body. Therefore, erectile dysfunction is often the first sign of excessive blood pressure or cholesterol.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol and erectile dysfunction are quite closely connected, and often excessive alcohol will cause ED. As you probably know, alcohol is a so-called nerve depressant.

When you drink too much of it, it can basically obstruct signals coming from your brain that tell your body to be aroused. Depending on its severity, you can experience less sex drive and in general a decreased mood.

Both these factors can heavily contribute to erectile dysfunction and your inability to become or stay erect.

Exercise Is Key

We all know how important exercise is for your health and wellbeing, but did you know there are also specific exercises to help your downstairs department?

Especially useful are pelvic floor exercises and aerobic exercises. The first type of exercises is aimed at strengthening your pelvic muscles. These muscles are essential for your erections. The second ones, aerobic exercises, are especially useful for general blood flow through your body, which of course will assist your erections as well.

Raise Your Testosterone

Like we’ve mentioned above, decreased testosterone production is one of the primary causes of ED. Here are some natural ways of increasing testosterone levels:

  • Exercise and lift weights
  • Eat carbs, fats and proteins
  • Minimize stress and cortisol levels
  • Take Vitamin D supplements
  • Take mineral and vitamin supplements

The health risks of smoking are well-documented. In addition to almost every other part of your body, smoking also affects your reproductive system. The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke damage the lining of the blood vessels and impair their function, including those found in the penis.

So, even if the nervous system is effectively relaying the arousal signals from the brain, you may not be able to achieve or maintain an erection because of damaged blood vessels in the penis.

Don’t Use Anabolic Steroids

The known side-effects of anabolic steroids include increased cholesterol, higher blood pressure, decreased testicle size, and prostate problems – all of which are known causes of male sexual dysfunctions such as ED.

Reduce Stress

Psychological problems can impact your erections as well. If you suffer from anxiety or stress it might affect your downstairs department as well, as it can obstruct the communication between your brain and your penis.

Have Enough Sleep

Enough sleep is essential. We all know this, and we are all aware of the “recommended 8 hours per day”. But did you know it can affect your erections as well? If you don’t get enough sleep your testosterone levels will start to decrease, and as we all know lower testosterone will affect your erections as well…

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Prescription Drug Options

If you’re looking for quick improvements in your ED symptoms, then synthetic drugs are perhaps your best options. However, be mindful of their side-effects which have been mentioned above. Here are some of the most popular ED prescription drugs:


One of the most widely-used erection pills, Viagra is a PDE-5 drug that works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis, making it easier to develop and maintain an erection. However, Viagra shouldn’t be confused with an aphrodisiac. While it can help you get an erection, it’s not a drug for enhancing sex drive.


Levitra is one of the most popular brands of the drug Vardenafil. Like the drugs mentioned above, Levitra is also a PDE-5 inhibitor which increases sexual performance by enhancing the blood flow to the penis.


Cialis, also known as Tadalafil, is another drug which is commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, Cialis works by increasing blood flow to the penis. While Cialis takes longer to work than Viagra (2 to 3 hours), it’s one of the longest lasting sex pills available, lasting for up to 36 hours.

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Natural Erection Supplements

When it comes to easily accessible ED treatment options, synthetic drugs aren’t the only. Here are some natural erection supplements that are known for their high efficacy:


L-arginine is an amino acid that assists your body in making proteins, plus it changes into nitric oxide as well. You already know the importance of proteins, but your NO levels are equally important when it comes to the functioning of your erections and healthy blood flow.

Gingko Biloba

This South American herb has been used to treat erectile dysfunction for ages, and it can help you and your problems as well. Increase blood flow to your downstairs department and feel a regained power.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng, a.k.a. red ginseng, is a Korean herb that has been used to treat medical conditions for centuries. It promotes blood flow and helps increase your body’s nitric oxide levels, which both help to stimulate your erections.

Horny Goat Weed

More “normally” named epimedium, horny goat weed is another herb that’s been used for ages in traditional medicine. Several studies have been conducted to test the effectiveness of the herb, and the results were definitely good!


One of the best all-natural erection pills in the market today, Viasil is formulated with a wide variety of effective ED herbal supplements, including all of the ones mentioned above. Also, unlike prescription ED drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, there are no adverse side-effects associated with Viasil.


When it comes to effective treatment options for erectile dysfunction, prescription synthetic drugs aren’t the solitary option. In fact, most experts recommend a combination of healthy lifestyle factors and all-natural supplements over non-aphrodisiac, synthetic drugs such as Sildenafil and Vardenafil.

Nevertheless, the symptoms and severity of ED can vary from one person to another. It’s important to consult your with a general practitioner before deciding on any course of treatment.


With just one pill a day you could reignite your sex drive, experience stronger erections that last, and enjoy improved stamina and endurance. Viasil is 100% natural, safe, and fast acting. So you know you can confidently rise to every occasion.

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