What is the average erect penis size?

It’s a question many men have pondered over: What really is the average penis size?

If you’re going by what studies think, one study claims the average length of a flaccid penis sits 3.61 inches, and the average length of an erect penis at 5.16 inches.

But what about girth? Well, the average girth is 3.66 inches when flaccid and 4.59 inches when hard. Confused what we’re talking about? Girth is the circumference of your penis at its widest point.

If you’re looking for more on average dick size, whether your penis size matters and what to do if you’re feeling a tad… Small… You better keep reading.

What do studies say about penis size?

In the study we mentioned previously, the BJUI research used data from 17 studies, totalling a whopping 15,000 men. So, as well as the averages we’ve already given you, the analysis also went a step further – placing the chartered sizes into percentiles.

If you’re feeling a little lost, don’t worry, we’re about to explain.

If an erect penis measuring 6.3 inches is in the 95th percentile, that means that out of 100 men, only five would measure past 6.3 inches.

This also means than an erect penis of 3.94 inches is in the 5th percentile, which means that a mere five out of 100 men would have a penis smaller than 3.94 inches.

That wasn’t the only study to come to this kind of conclusion. One study, published in the Journal of Urology also found that the length of your dick when soft wasn’t a predictor of its length when erect. This leads us on to our next point…

Men may have erections of similar length, but when flaccid, their size can vary.

Unsure how to measure the size of your dick?

Simply measure your dick’s length from the top of your penis to the tip of your glans – aka, the head.

We know, it can sound a little confusing. The top of your penis isn’t the same as the ‘tip’, as the top connects to your pubic bone. Use your hand to flatten any fat in front of your pubic bone for an accurate measurement. Also, sorry guys, but any additional length in relation to foreskin doesn’t quite count.

To measure girth: Simply measure around the middle of the shaft or the base.

Does penis size matter?

Penis size is a common concern amongst many men, especially when it comes to satisfaction in the bedroom. This size-anxiety can also make some men feel self-conscious when naked.

But when it comes to getting down and dirty, a bigger penis size doesn’t automatically mean better.

One study interviewed 75 sexually active women about penis size, in relation to one night stands and long term relationships. The female participants were shown 33 3D penis models of different sizes – each blue plastic to avoid any suggestions of race.

The results? The average erect penis size preferred by 75 women measured in at 6.4 inches and 5 inches in circumference when it came to a one night stand.

When it came to a long term relationship, the average size of an erect penis preferred by the participants measured in at 6.3 inches, with a 4.8 inch circumference.

Both of which were only slightly bigger than the average.

Of course, these measurements are very much women’s preferences. Much like another study which found that when it came to satisfaction between the sheets, penis girth was more important than length.

Naturally, our own imperfections always feel 10x worse than they really are, when in reality they are barely noticeable to others. Your own perception of your penis size can impact both your body image and sexual confidence. Whether you’re feeling self conscious when you’re flaccid or when standing to attention, this type of anxiety can lead to erectile dysfunction.

When men do decide to seek the help of a professional to overcome any self-consciousness regarding their penis size, their idea of “too small” doesn’t quite match the results

Of 67 men that believed their dick to be too small, one study determined their penis length to not be short enough for penile lengthening.

Can you increase your penis size?

If you’re looking to increase the size of your penis, it’s best to consult a urologist. While you may feel like your dick is on the small size, a study by the Journal of Urology recommends that only those with a flaccid penis size of 1.6 inches and below or an erect penis of fewer than 3 inches should be considered for penile-lengthening treatment.

Before making any decisions, it’s best to consult with your GP or therapist about your size-related concerns. There you can address your perception of your penis size and views of what an average-sized penis really is.

If you’re thinking about treatment, you’ve got some options.

There is one type of surgical procedure available that involves the ligament that attaches your dick to the pubic bone inside your body. This then allows more of your penis to extend on the outside of your body.

If you’re worried about penis girth, there are also options available. Surgery can include a skin graft around the shaft of your penis to increase girth size.

There is also an option a little less drastic when it comes to increasing penis size – liposuction. Some men can benefit from lipo in order to make the part of their penis often covered by a pad of fat more distinguished.

However, if you’re still feeling worried about the length of your penis, inflatable penile prosthetics are also an option. These are surgically inserted into the penis, effectively treating erectile dysfunction and penis lengthening.

If you’re considering a procedure for a permanent solution to your penis size or width, always consult a doctor with experience in this specific area of procedure.

Changing your perception of penis size

Many men question the size of their dick, both flaccid and erect, when in fact they’re beyond the average penis size. Give yourself a measure as this may provide you with some reassurance regarding your size down below.

  • If you’re still feeling uncertain, have a chat with a urologist about any concerns you may have and the option available.
  • Don’t let your penis size consume your life (sexual or not). Satisfaction in the bedroom for both you and your partner isn’t solely down to your penis size.
  • Shift your focus to a positive mindset by paying attention to body parts or characteristics you do like.
  • Use your time and energy on things you find rewards, whether it’s a hobby, sport, travelling or another activity.
  • Don’t look to porn for sensationalised representations, as this can develop an unhealthy view of what ‘normal’ is.
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly to help maintain a healthy weight and feel better about your inner (and outer) self.

Boosting your penis size

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