How to Increase Semen Production & Volume Naturally

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When trying to figure out how to increase your semen volume, you need to understand that increasing your semen doesn’t also mean that you’re increasing your sperm count.

As such, increased semen volume doesn’t necessarily mean increased fertility and it is not a solution to infertility if that’s what you’re thinking it will achieve.

It may be possible to increase semen volume to achieve voluminous ejaculations and could in many ways improve the quality of your sex life.

This blog will talk about how you can increase the volume of semen that you produce during ejaculation, including diets, exercises, and supplements. Is it possible to increase semen volume?

What Will You Learn? 

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Is It Possible to Increase Semen Volume?

There are three medical conditions that could cause a reduction in semen volumes. These are:

Hypogonadism: The condition is characterized by low production of testosterone. This may cause erectile dysfunction and could also reduce the volume of semen during ejaculations.

Multiple Sclerosis: Multiple Sclerosis is a condition where the protective coating around the spine is eaten away. This can sometimes affect semen volumes.

Diabetes: Diabetic Neuropathy and the resulting nerve damage can affect the responsiveness to sexual stimulation and might also cause weaker ejaculations as well as smaller amounts of semen.

In a situation where you’re suffering from these conditions, then it may be possible to increase semen volume through medication; however, if you’re completely healthy then there is no pharmaceutical option.

What can work, however, are lifestyle changes like drinking plenty of water, maintaining healthy diets and quitting smoking.

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Does It Really Matter?

The answer to your question depends on how you look at it. Semen contains nutrients that are responsible for the sustenance of your sperm cells.

The liquid is a combination of vitamins, sugars, enzymes, and antibodies which protect the sperm cell until it can fertilize the female egg when you’re trying to conceive.

As such, smaller amounts of semen production could also mean that your sperm count is low or you might have difficulty conceiving.

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From the point of view of improving the quality of your sexual experiences, it may or may not be a pleasant experience for your partner and only they can answer the question of whether it matters.

For many men, it also becomes a determinant of their sexual potency and perhaps there is some value to the thought that semen volume is important.

What Women Think About It

Although there is no surefire way of telling whether there’s a general preference for greater ejaculation volumes or lower, there have been multiple surveys conducted to that end.

Each of these surveys assessed whether or not women loved their men to ejaculate a lot and there were mixed reviews. Some felt like it created for a much more sexually satisfying and intimate sexual experience while others disagreed.

Ultimately, the dynamics of your sexual relations with your partner can only be determined by you however it’s entirely possible that they might prefer greater volumes of semen. There is no guarantee though.

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How to Increase Semen Volume

You might not have a medical route to achieve greater volumes of semen, but there are a lot of lifestyle changes that you should know about how to increase semen amounts. These include weight loss, regular exercise, drinking greater amounts of water and so on.

Lose Weight

Obese individuals are more likely to have cardiovascular problems which can affect the process involved in ejaculation. In addition to this, they are also far more likely to have low quality sperm and erectile dysfunction.

Being overweight can cause hormonal imbalances as well which could account for low semen volumes.

The high risk of developing diabetes with obesity is also one more reason why anyone could have low semen volumes. According to a study, men with optimal BMIs displayed healthier sperm functioning and have higher sperm volumes and concentrations.

Be Active & Exercise

Clinical studies on the hormonal profiles of men based on whether they were physically active and sedentary suggested that men who are physically active score far higher on semen quality parameters than those who aren’t.

In addition to this, physically inactive men are far more likely to develop weight problems and maybe even diabetes which can significantly reduce the amount of semen volume you produce.

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Stop Smoking

Smoking is a very vastly documented health risk. The habit adversely affects literally every part of your body to affect oxygen levels, circulation processes and reduces sperm count.

As far as semen volume is concerned, smoking hampers the prostate gland’s ability to secrete prostate fluid and reduces the amount of semen produced.

In addition to this, it might also affect your nervous systems to cause nerve damage which compromises the responses to sexual stimulation like ejaculation.

Eat a Well-balanced Diet With Antioxidants

Oxidative stress is a condition that can also lower semen volumes and the sperm count. One of the most frequently observed causes of low semen volumes and sperm count.

If you’re looking to answer the question of how to increase semen production, improving your diet is a clear winner.

Keeping your blood free of chemicals that might cause oxidative stress, will make sure that your sperms stay healthy and you maintain high levels of semen.Some common anti-oxidant rich foods include:

  • Wheat and grains
  • Seafood including salmon and shellfish
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Citrus fruits
  • Walnuts
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Onions, garlic and leeks
  • Stay Hydrated

90% of semen is water; therefore, having smaller concentrations of water in your system can reduce the amount of semen that’s produced in your body.

The optimal amount of water that an adult ought to drink is 8 glasses in a day, but make sure that you’re not over hydrated because that can reduce your sperm count. Increasing water intake is one of the best ways to increase semen production.

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What Else You Could Do

Besides the lifestyle changes that you could make, there are a collection of exercises and supplements that you could take to improve your sperm count. These include:

Decrease Your Ejaculation Frequency

This is fairly simple to understand, the less frequently you ejaculate, the more semen you will retain to ejaculate larger amounts of the liquid.

As a sexually active adult, you could try taking a break from sex for 3-4 days so that the body produces enough semen to increase the volume released.

Vitamins That Can Help

Vitamins are a vital nutrient that is responsible for continued health and wellbeing. These serve as components for cell division, maintaining the well being of nerves and as ingredients in semen production.

Vitamin supplements like that for vitamin B-12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are actual components of semen. As such these may also improve the motility of your sperm and quality. Foods that contain each of these vitamins include:

  • Seafood
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Milk and eggs
  • Cheese
  • Mushrooms

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Try Kegel Exercises

Often amounts of semen ejaculation can be caused by weak pelvic muscles which can’t generate the force required for a powerful release. Kegel exercises are a great way in ejaculate more vigorously and in the process release greater amounts of semen.

Kegel exercises focus on strengthening the pelvic muscles and increasing the coordination between them to help with conditions like erectile dysfunction and in many cases eradicate weak ejaculations.

Supplements to Increase Semen Production

Vitamin supplements are one of the best ways to increase semen volumes. As mentioned before they play a vital role in the development of sperm cells and are also constituents of semen itself.

Viasil is an all-natural supplement containing ingredients like zinc, ginseng root extracts, and pomegranate to improve sexual performance and to enhance semen production in the body.

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If you were wondering how you can increase semen production, this blog provides a thorough review of the strategies you can try.

Your best shot at it is to improve your lifestyles, avoid smoking and alcohol and try to take as many vitamins as you can to boost the production.

Don’t listen to anyone who says that pills can help with increasing the production of semen; there is no way that that could be true. When faced with a pharmaceutical option, always listen to your doctor before you try it out.

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