How to Increase Your Stamina – 21 Tips For Better Performance

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Being able to last longer in bed is a major ego boost and it can guarantee that you have a better sexual experience than most other people. Research states that the average time to ejaculate for the normal man is five and a half minutes, while that for women was up to 20 minutes.

Considering the role of mutually satisfying sexual experiences in the quality of the relationship, knowing how to last longer can come in handy.

In this post, we’ll let you know all you need to know on how to increase sexual stamina, plus we’ll point out different supplements, tips and dietary changes which can help you last longer in bed.

What Will You Learn? 

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What Is Sexual Stamina?

Before we can discuss how to improve your sexual stamina, we need to understand what sexual stamina really is. During intercourse, the constant stimulation of your genitals will eventually make you ejaculate.

Sexual stamina can be considered as the amount of time it takes from when intercourse begins to the time that you ejaculate.

As we said before, women last longer in bed than most men and many of them are rather unsatisfied for that very reason.

Of course, it’s not just about how long their partners could continue with the exercise and the differences vary from couple to couple about what qualifies as a satisfying sexual experience. Being able to keep up with your partner means that you can be intimate for longer time periods.

As such sexual stamina is a critical factor in determining the overall quality of your relationships.

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How to Increase Sexual Stamina

Your sexual stamina relies on a number of interrelated factors including how healthy you are, your emotional wellbeing and how intense your libido is.

As such, if you’re trying to increase your sexual stamina, you’ll have to focus on each of these aspects in order to wait out longer periods of stimulation.

This involves making significant lifestyle changes such as changing up your diet, exercising more often, trying to manage your stress better and perhaps even taking supplements.

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However, always remember that not everyone likes increased amounts of sexual contact and you should speak with your partner before you decide to make lifestyle changes that you personally might not want to make.

Above all else, the quality of your relationships depends on how happy you personally feel and there are other determinants of emotional quality than just the sex.

Some tips you can attempt to last longer in bed include:

Exercises to Build Sexual Stamina

These exercise techniques mostly involve increasing your physical capacity to the extent that you don’t get easily tired out or winded during sex.

Working on your body can help increase your physical stress-bearing capacity to the point that you can keep on going for longer periods of time.

As such, strength training and cardio are some of the better ways to increase your sexual stamina. Some of these exercises include:

Working on Your Biceps

Working on your biceps can increase the amount of weight you can bear on your arms and can increase your endurance to help you create a better sexual experience for yourself and your partner.
Some common bicep exercises you can try are:

      • Bicep curls
      • Chin-ups
      • Bent-over row

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Your pelvic muscles play a very important role in ejaculation. Strengthening these muscles and increasing coordination to these can help you control ejaculations to last longer.
In addition to this, these can also help you get better erections, which is just an added bonus of improving the health of your pelvic muscles.
Kegels are the go-to exercise if you’re trying to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Making Kegels a regular part of your daily routine can do wonders for how long you can last in bed.

Abdomen Exercises

For as long as you have a strong core, there is no telling how long you can continue increasing amounts of strain on the body.
Abdomen exercises are some of the best ways to increase core strength so you can go for longer without actually feeling muscle fatigue and back pain that comes with the continuous motion of sexual intercourse.
If you want to increase the strength of your core, you should try out abdomen exercises that include:

      • Sit-ups
      • Planks
      • High knees

These exercises are one of the best ways to increase your sexual stamina.

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Flexibility Exercises

Flexible muscles are a sure-fire sign that your body is in tip-top shape.
Exercises that are dedicated to improving your flexibility ensure that there is a consistent blood supply to your muscles and your muscles will continue performing better before you give them a rest.
Regularly putting yourself to flexibility exercises will ensure that your muscles don’t tire out too soon and you won’t feel the strain from sexual intercourse. Some flexibility exercises you should consider include:

      • Hamstring stretches
      • Lunges
      • Triceps Stretches



Cardio is one of the best ways to increase your stamina. Aerobic exercises like jogging, cycling and swimming will ensure that your heart rate and your breathing rate stay in control for longer periods of time.
As such, you should incorporate a cardio routine into your workouts to make sure that you don’t lose your breath too fast and so you can continue to have sex vigorously for longer periods of time.

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What Foods to Eat to Increase Sexual Stamina

Foods that are dedicated to increasing your sexual stamina can either help you as you combine them to improve your physical conditioning or they can increase your sex drive so you can have sex for longer periods of time.
The different foods you should try out include:


Nuts like pistachios and peanuts are loaded with essential fats and vitamins that can help boost your health and increase your libido.
These are loaded with nutrients like amino acids and magnesium each of which are great sources of energy and can also help eliminate the risks of erectile dysfunction.
In addition to this, these can also reduce the amount of cholesterol in your body to l fitter and less likely to tire out.


Watermelons are a really light fruit with one of the lowest-calorie counts of all the fruits anyone could suggest. These are also high in a non-essential amino acid called L-citrulline. L-Citrulline is converted into L-Arginine, which is essential in maintaining consistent erections that last for long periods of time.

Chili Peppers

The reason why chili peppers are so hot is because of the presence of capsaicin. The spice has been associated with increasing your metabolism as well as releasing endorphins in the body that can help improve your mood and make it easier to have a much more vigorous and long-lasting sexual experience.


Flavonoids are a class of organic substances that have been long since associated with great sexual health in males. Apple contains high concentrations of quercetin, which acts as an antioxidant in addition to being a flavonoid.

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Both of these properties allow the muscles to use greater quantities of oxygen to help you push harder and for longer periods of time to give you that edge when you decide to get intimate with your partners.


The herb has been associated with improving cardiovascular health, to clear up your arteries and to help improve blood flow across the body.

Adding ginger to your diet can go a long way in helping you last longer in bed by increasing the blood flowing through your semen and increasing your sexual stamina.

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Supplementation to Improve Sexual Stamina

Although the market is filled with stimulants that claim to increase your sexual stamina, there are very few that you can actually trust to do that.

Many are usually filled with chemicals that could throw off your hormone balance and come with long-lasting side-effects like high blood pressure, diabetes, and migraines.

As such, there are still a few well known supplements that can actually boost your sexual performance:


L-Arginine is an amino acid that can form nitric acid in your body, which in turn is important for your performance in the bedroom.
Boosting your L-Arginine levels can help you improve sexual stamina by helping you maintain better erections for longer periods of time.


Fenugreek has been known to increase the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, which can boost your libido. It’s part of traditional therapy designed to help men develop stronger libidos that can help them last longer in bed.

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Yohimbine comes from the bark of an African tree and is known to improve men’s sexual functioning by increasing their libido.

Other Tips & Techniques to Improve Your Sexual Life

Some methods that you can try out to last longer in bed include:

Have Sex Regularly

Having regular sex can potentially desensitize you to the stimulation so that you last longer. In many ways, it’s about practicing so that you get better at sex and part of that practice is that you begin to get accustomed to the exercise and therefore, don’t get stimulated as easily.

Take It Slow

If you want to have a good sexual experience, you can try other forms of stimulation besides just penetration. Try to see what your partner enjoys in bed and arouse them to the extent that it’s much easier to have them climax.

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Quit Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking have been long since associated with sexual dysfunction in men. Considering how these can restrict blood flow across the body, they can cause problems like erectile dysfunction which can significantly compromise your sexual life.

Foreplay Is Important

Make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable with one another and in the right mood before you begin to get intimate.

Communication Is Key

Knowing what your partner likes and making them feel safer can also enhance the quality of your sex life. Most good relationships are built on good communication that automatically translates to sexual satisfaction.

Maybe Take a Few Risks

Although it’s not usually suggested, you could try spicing things up in the bedroom to see if that can improve your sexual experiences.

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Relieve Stress

Stress can be an instant mood killer that has been the cause of many cases of ED and unsatisfying sexual experiences. Try to relax a little before you engage in sexual activity and that would improve your sex life.

Try Developing a Deeper Connection

Set the mood with your partner before you both engage in sex; perhaps go for a romantic dinner or maybe a night in to ease into it.

When You Should See a Doctor

Sexual dysfunction can be the cause of a lot of grief in a lot of relationships. It might also indicate that you might have developed an underlying condition that might be causing it.

If at any point in time, you feel that you might be undergoing some sexual dysfunction or if you and your partner feel that your sexual relations aren’t as satisfying, you should visit a doctor.

Before you do that, you should probably try out natural ways of improving your sexual stamina and before you move on to medication, you should consult with your primary physician.


With these minor changes in your lifestyle, you can probably enjoy a better relationship with your partners and feel much more confident in yourself.

Knowing how to build sexual stamina can be a tool that helps to live a better life. Following these tips will certainly allow you to do that.



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