What to look out for: could it be ED?

It is completely understandable that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a difficult subject for any man to discuss, or perhaps even think about. However, if you find that you have been experiencing some issues in the bedroom department, taking a look into the reasons why would be wise decision.

The problem we find is that the term in its entirety can be somewhat puzzling. This is because erectile dysfunction is different for one man than it is another. It’s knowing the signs and what to look out for that is important; of course knowing how to fight back against it is too, but more on that soon.

In its simplest form, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition that prevents a man from getting an erection or from maintaining one. We have to recognize that this will affect our sex drive, self esteem and possibly our relationships too.

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Don’t go thinking that your life as you know it is over… because it isn’t! Erectile dysfunction is incredibly common amongst men of all ages. Anyway, if it’s the case that you find it hard getting an erection at times, this doesn’t mean that you have erectile dysfunction.

So you know what to look out for, let’s cover the symptoms of ED below.

ED: What are the symptoms?

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It is worth mentioning that not all erectile issues are a sign of ED, so don’t panic! Whilst we understand it is easy to assume that ED is the problem and that your sex life as you know it is done for; let’s not be hasty, it could simply be a one-off.

Now, what are the symptoms of ED?

  • Softer erections than usual
  • Difficulty getting hard
  • Difficult keeping an erection
  • Reduced sensitivity
  • Less girth while erect
  • Lowered sexual desire

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It may be the case that for some men, erectile dysfunction means that for the most part, they are not able to get hard. But, for others this might not be a concern, instead they can get an erection but not maintain one hard enough for sex. This is why it is so important to remember that not only do so many men experience ED, but their experiences can differ greatly.

What does this mean?

On average, by the age of 40, 40% of men will struggle with ED in some way or another. If you find that you’re experiencing any symptoms, Viasil is here to help.

Usually, erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors, all of which can affect the blood flow to your down below. When your blood isn’t flowing as it should, you may stuggle to gain an erection, maintain an erection or even really feel sexual desire in the first place.

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