9 health benefits of sex for men

Sex and sexuality are an important part of life. Intimacy and pleasure with a partner can not only benefit your relationship, but also your mind and body.

But what are the health benefits of regular sex for men? Don’t worry, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know! We’re going to cover the benefits of sexual intercourse and look a little closer at whether sex is good for health.

Let’s get started. Here are 9 health benefits of sex for men.

Why sex is healthy

Sex is more than just a lot of fun between the sheets. There are also a range of health benefits that come with regular sex.

Both sex and masturbation can have surprising benefits to many areas of your life, including:

1. Stronger immune system

Studies into immunity have shown that those in romantic relationships who have frequent sex (1 – 2 times a week) had more immunoglobulin A (IgA) in their saliva. This was significantly higher in comparison to those who had sex less often (less than once a week).

But what is IgA?

IgA is an antibody that plays a crucial role in preventing illnesses. It is also the first defense against HPV.

These studies suggest the benefits of regular sex can help to support your immune system, and who doesn’t want that!

2. Sex is cardio

Although a steamy sex session may not quite equate to an hour in the gym, getting hot and sweaty in bed can be great for cardiovascular exercise.

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There are many health benefits of sexual intercourse, and sex as cardio is one not to be forgotten! This (relatively!) light form of exercise can help to lower your blood pressure, help you burn calories and increase heart health.

Depending on how energetic your sex session gets, the benefits of regular sex can also include strengthened muscles and an increase in sex drive.

3. High quality sleep

Commonly referred to as the “love” hormone, oxytocin and endorphins are released during an orgasm. When the two combine, they can act as a form of sedation.

Plus, after a steamy sex session, it’s no surprise you’re going to feel ready to conk out. Naturally, post-orgasm, our bodies feel relieved and relaxed, helping us to get better sleep.

4. Headache relief

While having a headache may not get you in the mood, studies have shown that sex is good for your health in the form of relieving headaches. Whether you suffer from migraines or cluster headaches, getting hot and steamy can actually provide some relief.

Research has shown that sex can actually have the following effects on migraines and cluster headaches:

  • 60% reported improvements during migraines
  • 70% reported moderate to complete migraine relief
  • 37% reported cluster headache improvements
  • 91% reported moderate to complete cluster headache relief

5. Increased sex drive

Believe it or not, one benefit of regular sex is a heightened libido. When you’re getting hot and sweaty more often, your libido can actually increase.

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So if you’re wondering is sex good for health, hell yeah! Jumping in the sack can boost your confidence, increasing your sex drive and desire to have sex more often.

Trust is key for experimenting, so you should always communicate clearly with your sexual partner before whipping out the handcuffs just yet.

6. Confidence boost

Getting down and dirty can be a huge confidence boost for many men. As well as benefiting men’s health, regular sex helps your body to release vital hormones that can make you look and feel younger and more confident in yourself.

As well as sex itself, masturbating during sex (and on your own) can be a huge advantage.

But why is sex healthy? And why is masturbating good for you?

It’s all down to understanding your own body and urges. Masturbating, either on your own or with a partner can help to boost self-confidence, relieve stress and even treat sexual dysfunction.

When you learn to understand both your own body and your partner’s a little better, sex can give you both even more pleasure.

7. Connection with your partner

The many health benefits of sexual intercourse speak for themselves, but often, experimenting and having regular sex with a partner can improve your relationship.

Whether you’re open to trying new things such as sex toys or dirty talk, or simply want to try a new position in bed, sex can build trust and connection between you and your partner. The release of oxytocin during sex helps to boost the way you socialise with a partner, increasing social bonds and a mutual understanding.

Communication is key when it comes to sexual activity, making regular sex great for a man’s health.

8. Mental health

As well as the many health benefits of sex, regular sex can actually provide important psychological benefits too. Sex is great for your overall health and mental wellbeing, alleviating stress and anxiety, as well as increasing happiness.

Some studies have suggested that getting down and dirty with a partner can increase satisfaction with your mental health, as well as increasing levels of intimacy and trust within relationships. The same study also showed an improved ability to identify, perceive and express emotions, as well as a lessened use of the immature psychological defence mechanism.

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The many benefits of regular sex also go as far to improve memory, according to further studies.

Benefits of sex for men

Although we’ve already covered the many different benefits of sexual intercourse, there is even more to explore.

But how can sex benefit a man’s health?

9. Reduced health risks

The benefits of regular sex can differ between men and women, while some benefits cross over between genders.

For men, sex is great for reducing risks of pelvic cancer and prostate cancer, as well helping to regulate blood sugar levels. Whether you’re having sex or masturbating, having an orgasm can benefit men in many ways.

In fact, research has shown that men who averaged having 4.6 – 7 ejaculations per week were 36% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before age 70.

However, there is plenty of room for further research regarding sperm quality and health in relation to the benefits of sex for men – with results so far a little inconclusive.

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