What Are the Best Aphrodisiac Foods You Should Try to Improve Your Sex Life?

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You might think ‘natural aphrodisiac’ is a relatively modern term; however, the history of aphrodisiac foods can be traced down the centuries. As early as the ancient Greeks and Romans, foods have been used to improve the virility and staying power of men. Yet is there any truth to their abilities?

For instance, can simple foods such as oysters and watermelon, really help to invigorate your libido and leave you raring to go? Or is this an exaggeration? In this article, we shall review where aphrodisiacs come from; how they work, and which can enhance your sexual encounters.

What Will You Learn?

The History of Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiac foods are not a Western phenomenon, nor are they exclusive to one culture. Take a quick trip down memory lane, and you’ll soon discover that aphrodisiac foods for men have been around since the dawn of time.

Take the term itself…

Derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love; the word aphrodisiac refers to any food or substance that can trigger feelings of arousal and sexual desire. By bolstering sensations of desire i.e. raising your body temp, heart rate, energy, etc., and nourishing your organs; together these will make you feel more interested in having sex.

Knowing all this, it is easy to see why natural aphrodisiac foods are so popular. Any food that has the ability to heighten desire, revitalize your libido and increase your sexual pleasure/performance is going to garner a lot of attention.

Plus, they can offer you subtly where pills cannot…

Take the following – no one, for example, is going to question your sudden desire to munch on salmon, oysters, bananas, etc. as these foods can easily be blended into your diet. Add into the equation, the fact that these natural alternatives notoriously have fewer side effects, and it is only natural that you want to find out more.

Natural Aphrodisiac Foods

Now, you’ve probably already heard of a lot of the following aphrodisiac foods i.e. oysters; however, some of listed foods might surprise you.

Not because they are unusual or exotic. Far from it. If anything, a lot of these will already have pride of place in your cupboards; you’ll just not have realised how beneficial they can be to your dick.

Likewise… before we divulge this list we want to be clear that not everyone will respond to these natural aphrodisiac foods in the same way. While some might make your sexual drive skyrocket; others might be nothing more than a blip on your radar.

These differences are especially true amongst men and women. According to specialists at IVFMD, men require a diet richer in proteins and fats (to boost their alertness), while women will benefit more from carbs, as they will help to calm nerves, encourage relaxation and make them more open to sex.

For this reason, you’ll need to experiment and ensure you rely on more than one food to improve your sexual gratification.

Oysters Aphrodisiac

Oysters have got a particularly long history for being an aphrodisiac. From the story of Casanova using oysters to maintain his stamina and seduce virgins during the 18th century, to modern research recognizing the nutritional benefits of this food; there is a lot of credibility to adding oysters to your aphrodisiac repertoire.

Oysters are great aphrodisiacs

This stems from their high zinc content, which can help boost your natural testosterone and sperm levels, as well as:

    • Dopamine

– this can increase your levels of sexual desire.

    • Tyrosine

– an amino acid that helps to elevate dopamine levels, and in turn boost your mood, libido and interest in sex.

Watermelon Aphrodisiac

High in citrulline, this phytonutrient is reputed to increase nitric acid in your blood which can help to boost blood flows, encourage vasilation (blood vessel dilation) and enhance your arousal. More importantly, it can assist those with erectile dysfunction as it will ensure plenty of blood reaches your dick.

For optimum results, you’d need to eat a lot of rind, as this is where citrulline is primarily located. This means that while watermelon is a credible aphrodisiac, you’d need to eat a lot of this rind to see a payoff.

Other Foods

    • Pumpkin

– high in fiber and potassium, pumpkin can elevate your stamina. The presence of magnesium can also help to calm your nerves and muscles.

    • Celery

– this crunchy snack contains small amounts of androstenone, a male pheromone that attracts women.

    • Garlic

– it may be a killer on your breath, but garlic contains allicin which is known to boost blood flows and improve your overall heart health.

    • Apples

– a 2014 study has linked apples to increased sex drive.

    • Saffron

– there is increasing evidence that saffron can improve your sex drive. First used by Cleopatra – who used to bathe in saffron-infused milk for its aphrodisiac properties – today’s studies suggest it can boost sperm motility (in infertile men) and reduce the number of sexual side effects caused by antidepressants.

    • Hot chilies

– this spicy food is full of capsaicin which is known to stimulate nerve endings (on your tongue) and release adrenaline. By increasing your adrenaline levels, your heart rate will rise and release endorphins. Not only will this make you feel good and relaxed, it will bolster your stamina.

    • Figs

– they might not look or sound sexy; however, figs are a great sexual stimulant as they are high in amino acids that are known to raise your stamina and libido. They also contain a high concentration of antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols that can help you to feel relaxed and keep you healthy.

    • Salmon

– rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is great for improving heart health as well as raising your libido. It achieves this by supplying your body with the building blocks it needs to create estrogen, testosterone and progesterone.

    • Strawberries

– believed to have originated from Aphrodite’s heart-shaped tears, strawberries can pack a punch in the bedroom as they are full of vitamin C which is essential for the creation of sex hormones and chemical neurotransmitters in your brain (that are responsible for increasing your libido). This juicy fruit can also improve blood flow, which is great for helping you to get it up.

    • Cherries

– not only do these contain potassium and Vitamin C, but cherries also contain anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant that can help decrease inflammation and ensure your sex drive remains healthy.

Aphrodisiac Foods For Men

Now, most of the list above contains foods that are natural aphrodisiacs for both men and women. Eaten in combination, they can improve blood flows and sex hormone concentrations, so you’ve got the stamina and the sexual desire to drive your partner wild.

But what about aphrodisiac foods for men? Are there some which cater purely to guys?

The good news is – yes there are. All of the following natural aphrodisiacs have earned their reputations for stimulating the libidos of men and making it possible for you to achieve healthy, rock hard erections that last.


This vegetable may have at first been used to help 19th-century French grooms prepare for their wedding day (due to its phallic shape); however, it can genuinely lend you a helping hand.

High in Vitamin E and B, asparagus has got a strong rep for increasing oxygen and blood flows to your genitals; while its high potassium levels, can bolster sex hormone production, giving you the stamina, the drive and the tools to make her soar.

Pine Nuts

These are particularly helpful if you’re zinc deficient, as they can enrich your body with this essential mineral. In doing so, you can benefit from increased free testosterone, testosterone production and libido. They also contain a range of healthy oils and phytochemicals that can improve your overall health and your sex drive.


High in folic acid, Vitamin B9, and Vitamin B6, this combination of nutrients can increase testosterone production and improve your energy levels.

The best natural aphrodisiac foods for men


Bananas contain bromelain, an enzyme that is believed to boost your sex drive. This paired with its high levels of potassium, riboflavin and Vitamin B2, means you can benefit from greater energy and stamina levels.


This superfood likes to make regular appearances in testosterone boosters, thanks to its high antioxidant counts. By helping to reduce inflammation and plaque formation in your arteries, you can enjoy improved blood flow and oxygen delivery.

This fruit has also been linked to reductions in erectile dysfunction.


Honey was first described as an aphrodisiac by Hippocrates in ancient Greece, where he claimed it could improve sexual vigor. Today, it still clings to this rep due to its key nutrient boron, which is known to help regulate your hormone levels and nitric oxide release. NO is particularly beneficial, as by enhancing your blood flow (and blood vessel dilation), you’ll be faster to respond when aroused.


This root vegetable features regularly in male enhancement products as it can boost your fertility. In animal studies, it was found to raise libidos and erectile function. While in humans (when they had 1.5-3.5g of maca a day for 2-12 weeks), it was discovered to have libido-boosting properties. In particular, it helped to quickly elevate participant’s sexual desire, including their energy levels, stamina, fertility and libido. This can be linked to its high magnesium and fiber content.

During one study, researchers noted how maca helped to stop antidepressants from triggering losses in sexual interest.


This plant may have strong ties to performance enhancement (athletically), but it can also improve your fertility and prevent falls in sex drive. In fact, studies on rats noted boosts in sperm production.

True, this plant may be better known for combating sexual dysfunction in women, but research suggests it can assist men too.

Ginkgo Biloba

This one isn’t strictly a food, but we feel it is worth mentioning because of its established history for improving sexual function. By helping to relax your blood vessels and bolster blood flows, it can increase your sexual desire. In one study, when participants were given 60-120mg a day, they experienced elevations in desire, sexual excitement and in their ability to orgasm.

Red Ginseng

More of an herb than a food, ginseng has been found to be twice as effective as placebos at improving erectile dysfunction. It achieves this by influencing your nervous system and altering your hormones so you perform better in the sack.


Traditionally used in South Asian dishes, fenugreek is an anti-inflammatory and libido booster, as it contains compounds that your body can use to create estrogen and testosterone. When given 600mg of this extract a day for 6 weeks, participants reported rises in arousal and orgasm quality.

Pistachio Nuts

Rich in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, these nuts are known to lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease and combat ED. In one 3 week study, when participants were given 100g of pistachio nuts a day, they saw rises in blood flow and firmer erections.


What is clear from the long list of natural aphrodisiac foods above, is that changing your diet could improve your sex life. By simply taking steps to protect your heart and increase natural sex hormone production; you could enhance your libido and ensure that you remain in full control of your arousal.

Yet, while these foods look good on paper; alone, they are not enough to make a difference.

To truly see a difference in desire and performance, we recommend combining these foods with proven supplements such as Viasil. In one neat, compact package, you can support these foods as they try to increase testosterone, nitric oxide and blood flows, and ensure you achieve optimum nutritional levels, fast.

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