What Are the Best Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) has been recognized as a common sexual health condition since the early 1990s. Increased rates of reporting and diagnosis of erectile dysfunction have been driven by direct to consumer advertising, health care service providers and effective treatments.

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, around 52% of American men are affected by erectile dysfunction. The study also revealed that the condition becomes increasingly prevalent with age.

In addition to being a medical symptom, erectile dysfunction is also considered as a social symptom. The condition has a serious impact on the confidence and overall wellbeing of a man, and if left untreated, it can have serious implications on the quality of life, and even the man’s general health.

While there is a wide variety of synthetic erectile dysfunction drugs available, with the most popular one being Viagra, the majority are associated with adverse side-effects.

As a result, more and more men are turning towards all-natural treatments and home remedies. In recent times, essential oils have emerged as popular natural erectile dysfunction treatment.

Over the course of this blog post, we’ll discuss the use of essential oils for erectile dysfunction in detail. This will include the different types of oils used, their efficacy, and how they’re applied.

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What Are Essential Oils?

Commonly obtained through distillation or mechanical pressing, essential oils are basically highly-concentrated plant extracts that retain their source’s natural flavor and aroma.

It takes around 220 lbs of lavender flowers to produce just a single pound of lavender oil – that’s how concentrated essential oils are.

Each essential oil has its own unique chemical composition which determines the oil’s absorption, smell and the effects it has on the body.

The chemical composition of essential oils doesn’t only vary from plant to plat, but can also vary within oils extracted from the same plant species.

Essential oils have been used as a natural remedy for centuries to treat a myriad of medical conditions and maladies. These include:

  • Joint pain
  • Indigestion
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Wounds and burns
  • Hypertension
  • Uterine conditions

Aphrodisiac essential oils can help with erection problems

How to Use Essential Oils

The practice of using essential oils for medicinal purposes is also referred to as “aromatherapy”. Essential oils deliver their effects when their molecules are either absorbed through the skin or inhaled.

The molecules influence core areas of the brain, such as the limbic system, and the nervous system. They also affect other body functions such as metabolism and the secretion of brain chemicals and hormones. There are two primary ways of using essential oils:

Due to their high concentration, it’s inadvisable to inhale essential oils directly from the container. They’re commonly inhaled through special devices such as aromatherapy diffusers.

Other methods of inhalation include applying the oil on a cotton ball and placing it nearby, and steam inhalation.

Topical Use
Undiluted essential oils shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin because of their high potency. Generally, they’re mixed with carrier oils, such as apricot kernels, avocado, or almond oil, before being used topically.

The forms of topical use include aromatherapy massage, spot treatment, compress, and bath. Essential oils are now also available in products such as lotions, soaps, and shampoos.

Where to Apply Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction?

When it comes to using essential oils as an ED treatment, there’s a wide variety of applications. They include:

  • Making a cold/hot water compress with the oil and applying it to the kidney, spine or lower back areas
  • Diluting the essential oil with a carrier and using it to give a massage
  • Spraying the oil onto your bed sheet and pillowcases to enjoy its aromatic benefits
  • Using the oil in a diffuser

Man getting a back massage

What is Erectile Dysfunction & What Are the Alternate Treatments?

Almost every man in the world will face some erection problems at some point in life. It can be a problem of “getting it up”, or a problem to keep the erection going for a long enough period of time. This is normal, and it happens to all of us.

The difference is when it starts to become a continuously recurring issue, affecting your day-to-day life. If that happens, we generally speak of erectile dysfunction. This can either be the inability to have an erection, or the inability to maintain it long enough to have a fulfilling sex life.

This condition is more common among older men, but it does also happen for younger men and there are ways to decrease the risk of suffering from ED. Think about making certain lifestyle choices – no smoking, excessive alcohol, or drug abuse – and maintaining a healthy diet.

Natural potency formula

Available Treatment Options

Luckily, there are many different ways to treat erectile dysfunction. You can choose synthetic drugs, like Viagra, but you can also decide to stay natural and take herbal supplements.

Prescription Drugs

Let’s first have a look at the different prescription drugs that are available. All of these have been proven to help men and their erection dysfunction problems.

1 – Sildenafil (Viagra)

Sildenafil (better known as Viagra) is the best-known example of an ED drug. Viagra is a phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor, which means it promotes the flow of blood to your penis.

As you know, you can’t get an erection without blood being pumped downstairs; it’s as simple as that!

The drug takes between half an hour and an hour to start working and will last for about 3 to 5 hours. A common misconception is that it also works as an aphrodisiac, but this is not the case: you need to get horny yourself to produce an erection, Viagra is just there to create the blood flow to actually makes this happen!

2 – Tadalafil

Next up is Tadalafil, or Cialis. It functions in more or less the same way as Viagra. The biggest difference is that it takes longer to kick in (two to three hours) but will also last for much longer (up to 36 hours).

3 – Vardenafil

The third drug on the list is Vardenafil, another so-called PDE-5 inhibitor that pumps blood to your member. It works quite quick – in about 30 minutes – and will last around four hours in total. For that matter, this drug is quite similar to Viagra in terms of working and duration.

4 – Avanafil

Last but not least, Avanafil (or Spedra). This popular ED drug works the same as the others, but there is one big difference: it’s the quickest one to start working. Spedra generally only takes about 15 minutes to start working, so it’s a great drug to have “in the spur of the moment”, so to speak!

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Natural Herbal Supplements

Rather stick to natural ingredients? Not to worry! Luckily, there are loads of herbs and ingredients to be found in nature that can help your ED, without creating any unwanted side effects. Here’s a few!

1 – Panax Ginseng

Also called red ginseng, this Korean herb increases your body’s nitric oxide (NO) levels, which helps pump blood through your body and into your manhood.

2 – L-arginine

This amino acid has many functions in your body, but two of them are particularly important. First, it helps create proteins (and we all know how important proteins are). Second, it increases your NO-levels just like Panax ginseng, thus boosting your blood flow.

3 – Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Extract

Dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA extract, decreases as you grow older, just like your testosterone levels. Lower t-levels and lower DHEA levels contribute to less function in your penis, thus causing ED. Boosting DHEA can be a great way of solving your erectile dysfunction issues.

4 – Gingko Biloba

This stuff has actually been especially effective when used to counter the side-effects of certain antidepressants, but even if you’re not on antidepressants this herb can really help you increase blood flow and support your member.

5 – All Natural Supplements

You don’t want to end up taking 20 different supplements every morning?

Of course, you don’t! That’s why your best natural bet is taking a supplement that combines all these ingredients (and more) into one easy-to-take pill. Viasil is such a pill, and because it’s 100% natural you don’t have to worry about scary side effects like with synthetic prescription drugs.

10 Essential Oils for Erectile Dysfunction

Using essentials can be an effective ED treatment for several reasons. They include:

  • Essential oils are known to create a relaxing effect, which can help you unwind emotionally and sleep better
  • They’re known to boost the immune system and boost energy levels
  • The pleasant aroma of essential oils can create a romantic atmosphere which can potentially stimulate libido
  • Essential oils can also enhance hormonal activity in the body and boost the secretion of testosterone
  • Essential oils also help reduce cholesterol, which is a known cause of cardiovascular problems and ED

However, it’s important to note that using essential oils as a sole treatment for severe sexual dysfunction problems is not advisable. They should only be used as a complementary natural remedy for occasional or mild ED.

Here are 10 essential oils that have been known to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

1 – Ginger

Ginger oil, or Zingiber Officinale as it’s known in Latin, has been a popular essential oil for romance and sex for centuries. Its use can be traced back to ancient China, where it was used as a natural aphrodisiac by both women and men.

Ginger oil is known to be effective in alleviating sexual dysfunction in males. It stimulates the senses and the body, which helps reduce sexual fatigue and makes it easier to achieve and maintain erections.

Ginger oil is also recommended in cases of anorgasmy. Furthermore, ginger oil’s soothing effects on the nervous system are known to boost libido.

2 – Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang is another popular aphrodisiac in the world of aromatherapy and is widely used to boost sex drive. It’s known to produce a calming effect that can be beneficial for treating stress, anxiety, and frigidity.

Its diverse array of applications includes inhalation, diffusion, and massage.

3 – Cinnamon

A highly-prized essential oil, cinnamon is not only used as an effective treatment for ED but also has a variety of health and beauty benefits. While there aren’t many clinical studies on the effects of cinnamon oil, animal studies have revealed that it can protect the reproductive system in male rats.

In addition to having a stimulating effect on the nervous system, cinnamon oil is also known to boost the production of testosterone in the body and improve sperm motility.

Beautiful composition with essential cinnamon oil in glass bottle

4 – Watermelon Seed

Another popular essential oil for erections, watermelon seed extract is an exceptional antioxidant which is effective in boosting reproductive health, stimulate sperm production, and boost testosterone in the body.

5 – Lavender

Lavender oil has been used for centuries to treat various health problems. A clinical study conducted in 2009 revealed that the combination of the lavender and pumpkin pie smells can potentially boost blood flow to the penis.

Lavender oil has is also known to reduce the harmful effects of formaldehyde. According to an animal study, inhaling lavender oil decreased the formaldehyde-induced reproductive damage in rats.

6 – Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera provides a wide variety of health benefits, with improving erectile function being a major one. Animal studies have revealed that using aloe vera has the potential to enhance cell division and promote testosterone production in the body, which leads to an increased sperm count.

7 – Nutmeg

Nutmeg essential oil is widely considered as one of the most effective natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, and its ability to improve blood circulation is widely documented.

An animal study conducted in 223 highlighted nutmeg’s exceptional potency as an aphrodisiac. The study found that nutmeg significantly increased sexual activity in mice. It’s also known to have a positive effect on the nervous system.

8 – Clove

The use of clove extracts as a sexual dysfunction remedy has been a part of traditional south Asian medicinal practices for centuries. Animal studies found that clove essential oil significantly enhances sex drive in rats.

9 – Sandalwood

Psychological issues such as performance anxiety and depression are a common cause of ED. Sandalwood essential oil is known to deliver a calming effect which can help combat these issues.

10 – Cedarwood

Used for its soothing and calming properties, Cedarwood essential oil is a potent aphrodisiac which boosts sexual performance by decreasing stress and anxiety.

Ginger aphrodisiac essential oil

Risks to Consider While Using Essential Oils For ED

While the efficacy of essential oils in improving overall health is well-documented, there isn’t much scientific evidence to support their effectiveness as an erectile dysfunction remedy. When it comes to risks associated with using essential oil, there aren’t many.

Firstly, essential oils are highly concentrated and can be toxic if ingested. Secondly, as we mentioned above, undiluted essential oils should never be directly applied to the skin. They’re highly potent and can cause burns and rashes.

Final Words

It’s evident that synthetic drugs such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra aren’t the only effective treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

All natural remedies such as Viasil, essential oils and even healthy lifestyle adjustments can bring about a significant improvement in sexual dysfunction symptoms. In some cases, even olive oil massages have resulted in an improvement in erectile dysfunction.

Natural herbal formulaNatural treatments aren’t only effective in improving erectile function, but also don’t involve any adverse side effects. Nevertheless, it’s best to consult with your general practitioner before you decide on a course of treatment.


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