Tantric lingam massage to treat erectile dysfunction

massage and erections

Many of us have heard of tantric massage, but the benefits of lingam massage aren’t quite so well known… Especially when it comes to massage and erections.

Often, just muttering the words ‘erectile dysfunction’ can be enough to scare away a hard on. But tackling the problem from a sensual angle may be of benefit to your sex life.

Which leads us to our big question: Can lingam massage therapy treat ED? Well, let’s find out.

How ED happens

While it can be incredibly frustrating for any struggling to get or maintain an erection, there is no single answer that suits every guy’s experiences. This is because erectile dysfunction can be the result of, well, multiple things.

It could be an underlying health condition, stress, anxiety or even a recent medication change. Nonetheless, many men look to massage for impotence concerns, in the hope of reigniting their performance in the bedroom.

Whichever way you want to look at ED, it should not be left unsolved. Especially if erectile issues are flagging up an unknown health problem.

Tantra and arousal

couple under sheets in bed

Tantric sex for men has been around for a long time now. It’s nothing new – yet many men are opening their eyes to the idea of lingam massage as the key to arousal and even treading ED.

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Tantra techniques can allow an individual to resolve emotional and sexual blocks, which may be getting in the way of your sexual performance. This is typically done through tantric breathing or tantric massage (otherwise known as lingam massage therapy).

Lingam massage explained

As we already touched upon, lingam massage therapy isn’t anything new. However, the idea of massage and erections (improving them, that is) has only really been a hot topic in recent years. The idea behind lingam massage is to help individuals develop spiritual and sexual awareness. Despite what a lingam massage includes, it’s not all about sex.

Instead, lingam massage intends to let those undergo a massage to open themselves up to new feelings of true pleasure. Lingam massage derives from the Sanskrit word for “penis”, which is why massage and erections are frequently linked for treating ED.

A lingam massage massages the following:

  • Penis
  • Testicles
  • Perineum
  • Prostate (sometimes)

Lingam massage therapy and ED: Can it help?

lingam massage therapy

Tantric sex for men has long been associated with potentially treating erectile dysfunction. Lingam massage therapy can allow you to open up sexually and spiritually, tackling any potential emotional blocks that may be getting in the way.

While there are certain health conditions that may be causing any erectile issues, there is always room for psychological blocks to cause ED. Lingam massage therapy works to unblock these emotional concerns by opening and breaking down these psychological blocks.

But that’s not all. In terms of physical concerns causing erectile dysfunction, lingam massage therapy has the potential to help increase blood flow to your penis, helping to improve erectile function. While there is no guaranteed permanent treatment of massage for impotence, lingam massage can certainly benefit your outlook on sex and pleasure.

Feel like giving lingam massage a go?

How to do a lingam massage

A lingam massage can be done to yourself, but may be more relaxing when performed by a partner. Be sure to discuss how it will work beforehand, especially if you’d like to experiment with prostate stimulation.

Here’s a quick guide to performing a lingam massage for impotence.


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Set the mood

If you’ve ever been to a spa or for a massage, you will have likely been met with soothing music, dim-lit lighting and flickering candles.

Setting the mood is important for enjoying your lingam massage. Use the following checklist as a base:

  • Use fresh bedding
  • Light a few candles
  • Play relaxing, meditative music
  • Dim the lights

Choose your oils

lingam massage therapy

Whether a relaxing massage, sports massage or lingam massage – oils are important for preventing friction and helping you relax. Opt for natural, hypoallergenic oils.

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Those with an added scent can also heighten your arousal during a lingam massage.

Take it slow

Like any type of massage, you need to be (and feel) relaxed. Don’t rush your lingam massage, just take it slow.

Don’t rush into massaging the penis or surrounding area, start off slow with the following:

  • Inner thighs
  • Upper thighs
  • Lower abdomen

Explore some more

After exploring the erogenous zones, don’t be afraid to explore some more. Start with the testicles, massaging this area incredibly gently. If you choose to, then move to the perineum, before slowly massaging the bottom of the penis shaft. Then, why not try something else?

Yep, we’re talking about prostate stimulation. While it might not be the go-to for every guy, it can definitely introduce new avenues for pleasure.

Restrain from orgasm

A lingam massage is incredibly erotic. If you do find yourself having an orgasm at the start of your massage, don’t worry. You can still continue and enjoy the rest of the experience.

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However, lingam massage is more about pleasure and sensuality as a whole, over achieving the big O. As you get close to orgasming, take a moment to practice restraint – otherwise known as edging.

What are the benefits of lingam massage therapy?

There are plenty of benefits to massage for impotence, beyond achieving an orgasm. These include:

  • Full body healing
  • Stress relief throughout the body
  • Improved sexual stamina and sexual experience
  • Exploration of mindfulness and spirituality

Our conclusion

Lingam massage therapy can definitely have a powerful effect on your mind and body. Don’t be afraid to enjoy the moment and spend some time exploring new types of pleasure via massage.

While lingam massage may not be a single treatment for ED, it can certainly improve stress and anxieties which may be affecting your sexual performance.

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