What does your sleeping position say about you

Have you ever woken up in a completely different position from how you went to sleep and wondered how you got here?

Getting enough of that precious beauty sleep is essential for your health and well-being, and the position you’re sleeping in could contribute to your sleep quality. Plus, if you’re in a relationship, does your sleep position reveal something about how happy your relationship is?

From the well-known spoon position to the less known soldier, here’s a rundown of the 19 most common sleeping positions and whether it means anything!


Spooning is one of the most widely known sleeping positions for couples, and it involves one person acting as the ‘big spoon’ and wrapping themselves around the other in a sideways hug. It’s a comfort for many couples to be so close to their partner. If one person is more likely to be the big spoon, it could be that they feel protective of their partner.

According to research carried out by hotel chain Travelodge, about a fifth of couples sleep this way.

Plus, did you know that sleeping on your side is considered one of the most comfortable positions, plus it’s better for your health? This is because your airways aren’t as obstructed as in other positions, so it’s better for your breathing. And because it gives your back some time off, it may relieve some of those morning aches and pains.

The downside of this position is that you may affect your joints by sleeping hunched over, and you might also see the impact on your complexion because your face is squished into the pillow.

Some people find spooning claustrophobic because there’s not a lot of room to move or stretch.

Loose spoon

Once you’ve been in a relationship for some time, you may graduate into the loose spoon, which is essentially a less restricted version of spooning. Some suggest that this signifies problems in the relationship, but experts say otherwise and that it still provides the closeness of the spoon, with more space to breathe and move.

Chasing spoon

Another version of the spoon, except that one person has moved to one side instead of being in the center of the bed, and the other person seems to be ‘chasing’ to be close to them.

This position is said to have a few meanings:

  • that one person wants to be pursued by their partner,
  • or that the same person needs some space

We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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Aside from a potential fall to the floor, this position has all the same pros and cons as the original spoon.

Face to face (touching)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. It involves both people facing each other with their heads at the same level with their bodies intertwined. Sleeping this way can suggest that the relationship is happy.

However, sleeping this way probably isn’t giving you the best night’s sleep. Who wants to have someone breathing in their face for eight hours? And apparently, not many of us, according to a survey carried out by the UK’s University of Hertfordshire, only 4% of couples sleep facing each other.

Face to face (not touching)

If you’re both sleeping facing one another, but you’re not touching, some believe that this could be pointing to an issue in the relationship. It could mean that both partners desire attention but fail to give it.

To fix this, experts recommend prioritizing listening to each other and opening up, be honest about the way you feel.

However, it can also be seen as another position, pillow talk, where you’re close and receptive to sharing your feelings.

Back-to-back (touching)

This position is also known as back kissing. Sleeping back-to-back while still touching is considered a very relaxed sleeping position. Although it’s a sign of closeness, this position is most frequently seen in couples who’ve been together less than a year.

Like spooning, this position is a form of side sleeping, so your back might feel better in the morning, although your joints may suffer.

Back-to-back (not touching)

Another self-explanatory position, sleeping back-to-back, also has another name: liberty lovers. Sleeping in this position indicates connection and independence in your relationship, plus you might get in a few extra zzzs.

If you usually sleep more intimately or close to your partner, consider checking in with your partner to talk about how you’re feeling.

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Sleeping in this position can be good for your body as it relieves pressure on your internal organs. However, it may also put pressure on your lower back and shoulders.


Also affectionately known as the nuzzle, this position has one person sleeping flat on their back while the other rests their head on their partner’s chest. Often, arms and legs will be intertwined too. Like spooning, this is considered a protective posture with a touch of passion.

Plus, skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, aka the love hormone.

Although let’s be honest, it’s not very comfortable, and someone will go numb in an arm.


When you and your partner are lying on your sides, facing away from one another and on the edge of the bed, they’re in the cliff-hanger position.

To most people, this would suggest some problems in the relationship. However, if there’s no ill-feeling in the position, it could signify that both are happy with themselves and the relationship.

However, a survey back in 2014 did find that the further apart couples slept, the more issues a couple had in their relationship.

Paper dolls

If you and your partner sleep lying on your back, either holding hands or gently entwined, you look like two paper dolls.

This position gives couples the combination of intimacy and the chance to get some good sleep quality. It may also help those who deal with back pain or circulation issues; however, you may also end up snoring.

If your back hurts when you lay straight, put a pillow under your knees to support the spine.


If you and your partner like to sleep in a totally different position but also want to maintain a physical connection, try the tetherball position. This is where one of you is curled up, whilst the other is sleeping on their back with a hand rested on their partner’s hip.

Physical contact can boost a relationship; according to a UK survey, seemingly 94% of couples who touched whilst sleeping reported feeling happy in their relationship, compared to 68% who didn’t touch.

Leg hug

Sleeping in the leg hug position is an incredibly passionate posture, whether your feet are touching or your legs are fully entwined. If you’re both hugging with your legs, that’s a great sign; if it’s only one of you, there might be an imbalance in the relationship.

What’s great about this position is that you both have the freedom to sleep in your most comfortable position.


Yeah, we don’t know where the name came from. But it can be comfy!

This position involves you both sleeping on your back, with one person placing their head on their partner’s shoulder. According to sleep experts, it’s a symbol of confidence in the relationship.

Stomach snooze

Generally, sleeping on your stomach isn’t a very healthy position for most. When you’re sleeping like this with a partner, it could suggest a lack of trust and some vulnerability.

It’s also one of the worst positions for causing back pain because of the way it puts pressure on your spine. Sleeping on your stomach makes it difficult to maintain a neutral spine, forcing your lumbar region of the spine to bend in a way that it wouldn’t usually. In addition, you have to turn your neck one way to breathe, which causes your spine to twist.

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However, if this is your favorite position, lie with a pillow under your stomach to align your spine.


One of the less common sleeping positions, it’s most likely to occur after an intimate situation or at the start of a new relationship. It’s like a very close hug, but you’re lying down. It’s a very intense position that doesn’t give you much breathing room.

Unraveling knot

Beginning with the tangle, which eventually unravels so that each person can sleep independently—considered a healthier position than the tangle, as it’s both intimate and independent. It’s more likely to be seen in couples that have been together a while.


The starfish, aka, the space hog, where you’re sprawled across the bed can be beneficial when you’re sleeping alone. Those who sleep in the starfish position are the most likely to wake up feeling refreshed. The position also allows you to distribute your weight across your body while keeping your spine neutral.

If you’re a sufferer of heartburn, then you might find this position helps your symptoms. However, it can make symptoms of sleep apnea worse. Plus, if there’s two of you in the bed, it can also signify selfishness.


Imagine before you went to bed, a military officer came and told you how to sleep; this is probably how you’d sleep, flat on your back with your arms straight down beside you.

This position would probably make snoring worse and isn’t thought to be comfortable. However, according to a survey by the Better Sleep Council, that doesn’t stop 11% of Americans from sleeping in this position, according to a study by the Better Sleep Council.


We’ve all heard the phrase, slept like a baby, but almost half of Americans sleep like an actual baby, according to the same survey by the Better Sleep Council. Many say this is their most comfortable position, curling up cozy. However, curling up too tightly can put a strain on your lower back and pressure on your abdomen.

To limit these complications, straighten out a little and put a pillow in-between your knees.

So, there you have it, the 19 most common sleeping positions. Take any deeper meanings into your favorite sleeping position with a pinch of salt, although consider the health benefits of your nighttime position.

Your position in bed is unlikely to suggest the downturn of your relationship, you might just prefer to be comfy over physically close to your partner, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

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