Male menopause: Real or total myth?

male menopause

It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female, hormones can play an important role in your life. The trouble is, many of us don’t quite realise just how important they really are. Or what impact they can have later in life.

Sure, we’ve all heard of the menopause, right? Typically associated with older women, hot flushes, you know the drill… But, as men, our hormones can also cause havoc in our lives. Which leads us to question, is the male menopause real? Or a total myth?

Do men experience ‘male menopause’?

It’s totally natural for both men and women to experience changes in their hormones as they get older. Usually, when we hear the word ‘menopause’ we instinctively think of women, am I right? But the truth is, for some time now, the ‘male menopause’ has been discussed a lot more openly in response to how our testosterone levels change.

But does that mean that the female menopause and the male menopause are the same? Well, not exactly.

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When women experience the menopause, ovulation ends and hormone production drops significantly in a short space of time. Whereas for men, we experience a gradual decline of testosterone as we get older. The consequences of these T changes? Well, those can be a little foggy for some.

Rather than a sudden drop in testosterone, we may experience symptoms of a gradual, natural decline in our T levels. This is called late-onset hypogonadism or age-related low testosterone.

What are the signs of low testosterone?

Much like how the menopause can produce different symptoms from one woman to the next, the same applies for the symptoms of low testosterone. After the age of 30 to 40, men can experience a gradual decline in testosterone – at a minor 1% drop each year.

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If you were to experience a sudden drop, this is definitely not normal! We recommend speaking to a medical professional if this does occur.

However, not all men notice symptoms of low testosterone. In fact, many older men who experience this gradual decline still maintain healthy T levels. Many of us may start to feel a little sluggish, but put it down to lifestyle factors instead – especially since it takes a blood test to check your T levels medically.

There are a range of lifestyle factors, medications and other medical conditions that can cause low testosterone. If you’re not sure, keep your eyes peeled for the following symptoms and signs of low T:

  • Reduced libido
  • Fewer spontaneous erections or erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Infertility
  • Sweats
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Poor concentration
  • Low mood

As we mentioned earlier, not all men experience the same symptoms. Some can also experience trouble sleeping, muscle and strength loss and increased body fat as a result of low testosterone.


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So, is the ‘male menopause’ real?

When it comes to research and medicine, the ‘male menopause’ may not be a term you’ll hear your doctor use… However, since a decline in testosterone is a natural experience for men (as the menopause is for women), it is somewhat along the same lines.

Many men face the struggles of low testosterone levels, with even more frequently ignoring the signs of low T. However, unlike the (female) menopause which happens quite suddenly, men experience a gradual decline.

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Although testosterone levels fall as we get older, the decline is steady at less than 2% a year. Since the menopause for women is a totally natural phase of life, much like a decline in testosterone – the two could be deemed the same thing! Whether you choose to call it the ‘male menopause’ is up to you!

How to treat low testosterone at any age

what is male menopause

Low testosterone can occur in younger men. So if you feel as though you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, you’re not alone.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to treat low testosterone – many of which are totally natural. From fruits that can fight back against erectile dyfsunction, to lingam massage, even boosting your metabolism can help kickstart your T levels.

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