Is it possible to break your junk?

When we talk about potentially ‘breaking’ your junk, it means more than a kick in nuts, but instead, we’re talking about the likely damage in the long run. In addition to the pain, injuries to your penis can affect your quality of life.

However, it should be noted that erectile tissue damage is actually quite rare. Long-term side effects can be harmful, so it is important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

What does damaging your junk really involve?

The chances are, you’ve horror stories in the past about the impact of erectile tissue damage. This type of damage doesn’t just ‘happen’ and is usually the result of an injury. In addition, tissue damage to your junk is actually quite rare.

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While we may all be shocked at the mere thought of ‘breaking’ our penis – rupturing the tunica albuginea – it’s not something that happens all the time. In fact, only 1,331 cases were reported between 1935 and 2001.

There are a few ways in which this type of damage can be caused, which often leads to long-term damage.

How does it usually happen?

Let’s be honest, the penis can be pretty tough and versatile. In order to cause damage to the erectile tissue, it must undergo some serious pressure.

The tunica albuginea surrounds the internal tissues of the penis in a multilayer structure. Tunica albuginea – made of collagen – is harder than you might think. It is also well adjustable, soft when you are and stays hard when you’re erect.

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Although it can easily adapt, it has a bit of a weakness. If you have an erection, the structure thins from 2 mm to a thickness of 0.25 mm, with pressure increasing while you’ve got an erection. This means that your erectile tissue is at its weakest when you’re hard and during sexual intercourse.

But it is not only when enjoying yourself with a partner that it can happen, but it can also occur during masturbation. If you’re into rough sex, it’s no surprise you may damage the exterior of your penis, however, it’s the internal damage that can do the most harm.

During this type of impact, you will probably experience a sharp bend in the penis with the sound of “popping”. You have probably heard of this type of damage referred to as “snapping” your “banjo string”. Owww!

What potential effects are there?

You will definitely feel some pain in the short term and some bruising is likely to appear. But how will this affect your penis in the long run? You may be faced with disfigurement and difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, often called erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED can affect men in many different ways. While some may have trouble getting it up, others may not be able to enjoy sex for very long. As for the pain, it may last a little while or disappear relatively quickly. If you see blood on the tip of your penis or when you pee, it can also be a sign of a serious urethral injury.

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Although this is not always the case, recurrent injuries can occur. Although Peyronie’s disease – scarring in erectile tissue – is rare, it can cause extreme pain and curvature in your erections. However, this usually only happens when a man has a repeated penis injury.

Can you treat erectile tissue damage?

In severe cases of penile fractures, surgery is typically recommended. In this scenario, the surgeon cuts into the penis and heals all tears while identifying (and removing) any possible blood clots.

If you have Peyronie’s disease, medication (injected into the penis) is usually needed to dissolve the scar tissue without surgery.

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